While we are independent and free from any corporate restraints, we partner with industry leaders to support our operation and enhance the offerings we can customize for our clients. We marshal the expertise of several resource partners to inform and elevate the financial plans and portfolio options we build and recommend.

Key to our independence is freedom and flexibility to work with multiple providers.

For example, while our preferred custodian is Charles Schwab, we are not limited in our access or ability to choose other firms to safeguard our clients’ assets. Similarly, we have access to  private lending solutions and have relationships with other lenders to enable us to offer a range of financing solutions to our clients.

We selected the partners listed below to provide Wigand Integrated Wealth and our clients with

best-in-class asset security

account and investment management platforms

planning tools

technology solutions

other services
critical to an exceptional client experience

As a Sanctuary Wealth Partner Firm, Wigand Integrated Wealth is able to leverage best-in-class technology, complete operational infrastructure support and an open architecture environment that allows for access to an array of proprietary and non-proprietary investment vehicles and unbiased options, including unique opportunities available only through the Sanctuary Wealth network of partner firms.

Additional services are provided by these best-in-class partners: