As part of our commitment and desire to keep our clients well-informed, we will post news and other relevant items regarding wealth management. We welcome questions about any of these topics or other concerns and interests you may have.

Nov 20, 2023

Wigand Integrated Wealth Welcomes Accomplished Financial Professional, Ryan Harris, to Its Dedicated Team of Financial Professionals

Wigand Integrated Wealth is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its distinguished team of financial professionals. Ryan Harris, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in finance, leadership, coaching, and business, has joined the firm, enhancing its capabilities in providing comprehensive financial planning and integrated wealth management solutions.

Nov 04, 2021

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Inflation

Inflation seems to be a keyword in nearly every news broadcast and investment discussion. Rising prices seem inevitable with higher costs of materials, real estate, and many products we buy daily. Not only that, but rents and wages are increasing too. While increased wages may seem like a good thing, it usually means a higher cost of goods too.

Oct 20, 2021

Year-End Wealth Management

As the year winds to a close, you may have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Holiday Seas on in your sights. Here at Wigand Integrated Wealth, we are thinking through and working with clients on wrapping up year-end wealth management considerations.
Here is our list of common items that we'll be working with our clients on this year as year-end approaches...

Jul 08, 2021

Looking For a New Credit Card? Some Things to Know

We thought it might be useful to provide links to some resources for finding the best deals when it comes to credit card rewards as well as point out things to look out for when considering opening a new card account.

Jun 08, 2021

Finance 101: The Basic Arithmetic of a Corporate Tax Increase

Since before the presidential election last year, clients have been asking us about the potential effects that a tax increase could have on their investments. Whether that question came from clients supportive of increasing taxes or those opposed, all seemed to believe that higher taxes would be bad for stock prices.

May 08, 2021

Military Pension: Selecting the Appropriate Spousal Benefit

Pensions, or employer-based retirement benefit funds, used to be common. Today they are all but unheard of, replaced by personal retirement funds like IRA and 401(k) funds. One place where they still exist, however, is for military service members.

Apr 08, 2021

10 Financial Benefits That Military Families Need to Know About

US military service personnel often experience unique life challenges. However, a career in military service also presents unique financial advantages.

Mar 08, 2021

What to Expect When You're Expecting Inflation

The trillions of dollars of Federal stimulus money flooding the economy in the wake of COVID-19 have economists of all stripesthinking about inflation. Bond yields are up, and 93% of fund managers now expect inflation.

Nov 03, 2020

2020 Election Blog

Elections are here and touted to be the most important of our lives. The nation is reportedly more polarized than ever and there is fear of unrest whichever party wins. With this uncertainty the temptation is high to tweak and shift portfolio investments. On the other hand, we have been planning for the long game. But the desire to protect our assets remains.

Sep 04, 2020

September 2020 Update

It's hard for us to believe almost a quarter has gone by since we started Wigand Integrated Wealth. We're grateful for all of the relationships we've built over nearly 23 years in the wealth management business. The encouragement and support we've received, especially given the momentous events affecting all of us this year, has been gratifying and reaffirming and has helped us get off to a better start than we could have imagined. We look forward to delivering on our promise to consistently improve the value we provide to you in the years ahead.

Jun 08, 2020

Sanctuary Wealth Welcomes Wigand Integrated Wealth to Rapidly Growing Network

Sanctuary Wealth, home to the next generation of elite financial advisors, has added Wigand Integrated Wealth (WIW) in Colorado Springs, Colorado to its expanding roster of partner firms.