Ultimately, our commitment is to apply our expertise and diligence to delivering effective solutions for you. Our capabilities allow us to provide the following solutions, as appropriate, in executing your comprehensive wealth management plan.

Emerging Wealth Coaching Program

Our emerging wealth coaching program for young families and individuals takes a highly engaging approach to educating the next generation in the responsibilities of wealth—helping them prepare for the challenges of succession, inheritance, and decisions that will impact their family’s legacy.

The financial choices made by people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s have a profound impact on their fiscal well-being in retirement. Those are the prime years to put a well-thought-out financial plan in place, appreciating that it will evolve with every formative decision to be made over time. From student loan reduction and budgeting, to home purchases and insurance planning, to education funding and retirement planning, these decisions matter. At Wigand Integrated Wealth, we fully understand the financial needs at this formative stage of life, so we created a specific practice to engage and educate younger adults and families. Our program identifies gaps and opportunities, designs specific strategies, and implements smart solutions to ensure these clients are making the best wealth decisions.

Highlighted services include:

Individual and Family Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Investment Management




Estate &
Trust Planning


Business Interest Acquisition/Exit Review

Family Wealth Coaching

Incentive Compensation Guidance


Pension &
Profit-Sharing Plan Development

Emerging Wealth Coaching Program

Investment Policy Statement Development

Endowment/Foundation Theory, Governance, and Investment Management

Investment Committee Guidance and Education for Non-profits and Family Offices

Outsourced ICC (Investment Committee Chair)